Lagoon and Security
Just wondering if Lagoon has any plans to restrict Coolers, or maybe start searching them, I know it may seem stupid. But we do live in a crazy world today!

maybe a good possability
That's retarded! If Lagoon did start searching them, I wouldn't bring one anymore. I don't want people I don't know touching my food! I have no idea what they've been done. I bet other people would do the same as me. When Lagoon has so many pavillions, it's be a bad idea to check coolers.

Mike 8)
I tend to agree with mikecoolguy on this one... There is always a possibility of a terrorist attack or just some wacko that might do something stupid but I don't think checking coolers would really help to minimize the risk because if someone really wanted to do something bad they will find a way.
Personally I think that they ought to have metal detectors and a screening machine like the ones that they have at the airport. Most major theme parks use metal dectors. When I went to Magic Mountain and California Adventures I had to go through a metal detector and they had security personel there to search bags that came through. I do recall that there have been things happen at Lagoon that could have been avoided had Lagoon put more thought into security. if they do they might restrict the coolers and the like from coming into the park and the screening would lengthen the line getting into the park considerably.
Lagoon already has tight security, after 9/11 all places that have crowds come to them (malls, sporting events, amusement parks, etc..) had to think about better security. People come to have fun, not to be harrassed. If somebody wanted to get something on the park, they would. Also this would be a good excuse to for Lagoon to balloon admission for your safety. Who would perform the entrance security, the fifteen year old access control. That's all lagoon needs is to have security think they run the show and cause problems for everyone.
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