Planning Logan Celebration Centre Trip
Any tips?
I don't know any information, but get pics of all the rides and post them for us...
We're not going this weekend.
cool, thanks...
nice song lol Happy
I think the link you forgot to bookmark is here:

They say they'll add something new in Logan every year. Lagoon has never had to deal with competition before (as can be seen in the slogan: "There's only one!"). I almost wonder if Wicked might be an early response to Celebration Centre. CC needs to install a roller coaster, I know they can do it. Competition is a good thing for the consumer.

I live in UTAH and have NEVER heard of this place!!!!!

More info!!!!

My GF and I might go up on Thursday, but I've got a job interview that might derail the plans.
Some of the rides are pictured on the bottom half of the page I linked to a few posts up. They don't have a lot yet, but they did say that they'd add a new one every year. Seeing as how they manufacture lots of rides, including roller coasters they should be able to pull it off. I've heard that S&S and Lagoon were at odds, could CC and their "new ride every year" thing be a shot at Lagoon?

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