Rock U2 the Top
I was very impressed this year with Rock.

Here are just a few of the pictures that I took the rest can be seen in's own photo gallery.

Just follow this link or click on any photo.

Rock U2 the Top 2007

[Image: normal_IMG_2249.JPG]

[Image: normal_IMG_2305.JPG]

[Image: normal_IMG_2308.JPG]

[Image: normal_IMG_2263.JPG]

[Image: normal_IMG_2258.JPG]

[Image: normal_IMG_2256.JPG]

[Image: normal_IMG_2275.JPG]

[Image: normal_IMG_2273.JPG]

[Image: normal_IMG_2284.JPG]

[Image: normal_IMG_2293.JPG]

[Image: normal_IMG_2297.JPG]

[Image: normal_IMG_2299.JPG]

[Image: normal_IMG_2301.JPG]

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I hope to see you at Lagoon and at the shows.

Have Fun.
nice pics thanks

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